Synthesizer / Keyboard Carts


The PCK-100 is a fixed-height, open-sided cart made for a synthesizer, midi controller, or keyboard, such as the Pearl MalletStation or the MalletKat by Kat Percussion.  It is constructed of 1.5-inch square tube and has a rail for mounting a computer, cymbals, or other accessories.  The bottom shelf is made from strong 1/2″ HDPE and the top shelf is made from 16-gauge metal mesh, which provides airflow to your instrument.  A high-density polyethylene foam layer is an option for the top shelf if your instrument needs some extra cushioning.  An optional stretch cover is available to cover the front and both sides.  It attaches simply with Velcro-style fasteners.   If you need more protection, we offer a version with the front and both sides covered in HDPE.  


The PCK-100e is built on the same frame as the PCK-100, but is enclosed on three sides with high-quality HDPE.  It completely hides any equipment and wiring from your audience.  It is available with a network rack installed with a surge protector and whatever speaker connections you may need.  If comes standard with a 16-gauge wire mesh top shelf and a .5″ HDPE shelf on the bottom.  You may choose to have both shelves made from either wire mesh or HDPE.    


The PCK-100a has all the features of the PCK-100, but is adjustable in height.  This cart will work for players of all heights.  It is easy to adjust by simply pulling and turning four spring pins and then moving the cart to the height of your choice before returning the pins to their engaged position.  You get the benefit of adjustable height without paying for electric motors and controls you probably don’t need.  


If you want more protection for your synth, this cart is for you.  The PCK-200 has all the features of the PCK-100 and PCK-100e but adds a top and folding lid.  The lids folds back to prodvide a large shelf for a laptop or other device.


Photos coming soon.  The PCK-300 has all the features of the PCK-200, but adds two removable doors so that your synth is fully enclosed.  It is the ultimate in protection for your valuable instrument.  

Every cart we build is . . . . 

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