Speaker Carts

PCS-220 for Subwoofer and Full-Range Speaker

The PCS-220 is designed to hold a subwoofer on the bottom and a full-range speaker on top, in either vertical or horizontal configuration.  Its compact design saves space in your truck or trailer and, most impressive of all, the angle of the full-range speaker can be changed in less than 20 seconds with no tools.  Simply pull the handle on two spring pins, rotate to the desired position and twist the pins to let them pop back into position.  What could be easier?  Want to use an array system?  We’ll change out the speaker support on top for one that accommodates your array.  Just let us know what you need.

PCS-200 for Subwoofer and Full-Range Speaker

The PCS-200 securely holds a subwoofer and full-range speaker (or array) in a horizontal configuration.  Just specify whether you want a platform for an array or a full cradle for a standard speaker.  Sizes can be customized if required.  The PCS-200 is built in both a right and left version so that you have a mirror-image setup on the field.  The angle of the full-range speaker can be easily adjusted with no tools and without removing the tie-down straps securing the speaker.  It is ideal for groups that frequently play in stadiums of different sizes. 

PCS-100 Single-Speaker Cart

The PCS-100 is designed to hold a full-range speaker at multiple angles.  Strong, 3/8″ eye bolts help hold your speakers securely in the cart.  The rear support for the cradle can be moved into multiple positions without tools, allowing you to project your sound to all parts of the stadium.  If you use an array speaker system, just let us know, and we’ll outfit this cart with the appropriate platform for your system.  

PCS-200V for Subwoofer and Full-Range Speaker

The PCS-200V also holds a subwoofer and full-range speaker, but does so in a space-saving vertical configuration.  The subwoofer is strapped solidly into the bottom section and the full range speaker can be used either vertically or horizontally on the top shelf.  The angle of the top speaker can be adjusted by tilting the speaker against different supports on the shelf.  This cart works equally well for an array speaker.  You can attach the array to the top shelf or we can leave the top frame open and you can put the array on top of your subwoofer.  

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