Mixer Carts

PCM-100 Single-Width Mixer Cart

The PCM-100 is all you need for a moderately-sized electronics setup.  In addition to a generously sized mixer shelf, there is a front-mounted 12u network rack and framing to mount an optional rear-facing rack as well.  The back is accessed via a lift-off door and all network components are recessed to protect them from rain and sun.  Side mounting rails for wireless antennas, a computer, or other devices are standard.  All of our carts come with 8″ no-flat swivel wheels, two of which have brakes.  All mixer carts come with a rack-mounted or side-mounted connection board for your speaker connections and a side-mounted power-in port.  Connectors can be customized to meet your specific needs.  A removable front door is standard and high-quality surge protector are standard.  The surge protector includes six rear and six front power outlets.  

PCM-200 Double-Width Mixer Cart

Got bigger plans?  If your group is heavier into sound reinforcement and needs a larger mixer and more components, then we have just the thing.  Our double-width cart can accommodate a large mixer and has two front-mounted 12u network racks and framing for two more in the rear.  Your wiring is easy to access via the wide-opening (and removable) front and rear doors.  The fold-back top (standard) creates a large shelf when folded back and a bi-fold top is optional.  All mixer carts come with a rack or side-mounted connection board that includes your speaker connections.  Wireless antennas and other devices can be mounted on the 1.5-inch accessory rails on each side.  This mixer cart is strong and versatile.  

PCM-300 Triple Mixer Cart

Need even more space?  If you’ve maxed out your current mixer cart and know you need more, give us or one of our retail partners a call.  This cart has up to six 12u network racks and can meet the needs of the most sophisticated groups. 

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